Amy Lockhart Walk for Walk 2006 Video still Courtesy of the artist © Amy Lockhart
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Pulp Fiction: Comic Reliefs


POSTED: JULY 16, 2009

Offbeat, dreamy and sometimes downright weird, “Pulp Fiction” is overflowing with hallucinatory creatures like an alcoholic frog, walking hamburgers and even an unduly jovial airplane. These comic beings populate the drawings, paintings, videos and installation works of 14 graphic artists who wryly reference popular culture and take their unique blend of weirdness from surrealism. Often working by free association, their work remains in perpetual narrative flight, skirting rigid classification and remaining open to myriad interpretations. As exhibit curator Corinna Ghaznavi explains, “[The artists’] narratives are filled with unexpected twists and free-floating objects, snippets of stories that are sad, ironic, and funny.” Very much an ode to the tradition of outsider art, the delights of “Pulp Fiction” arise from its ability to defy gallery expectations and offer up an unconventional view of the world—one where anything goes as far as narrative trajectory is concerned. (952 Queen St W, Toronto ON)

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