Reece Terris Bridge 2006 Scale model
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Reece Terris: Constructing Meaning

An Online Supplement to the Winter 2012 Issue of Canadian Art



Vancouver’s Reece Terris may well be the hardest-working artist on the Canadian scene these days. Aside from being the co-owner of a full-time construction contracting business, Terris has gained increasing national attention over the past five years for complex and often monumental sculptural installations that (at times literally) bridge the structural concerns of the built world and the conceptual interests of contemporary art. As he tells art critic Robin Laurence in our Winter 2012 magazine feature “The Contractor,” “You could easily define something as sculpture now that you couldn’t 20 years ago. I find that really interesting, because it’s a shift in thinking more than a shift in objects.” Here, a selection of images and videos recaps Terris’ practice, from the wry, Manet-inspired photo work Trivial Pursuit to his recent large-scale intervention The Western Front Front: Another False Front.

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