Dana Claxton Momma Has a Pony Girl...(Named History and Sets Her Free) (from the series The Mustang Suite) 2008 Collection National Gallery of Canada
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Dana Claxton: Disturbing History

An Online Supplement to the Winter 2010–11 Print Edition of Canadian Art



In the winter 2010–11 magazine feature “From a Whisper to a Scream,” contributor Lynne Bell offers compelling insights into the charged narratives and overlooked histories that rest at the core of works by Vancouver-based artist, curator and educator Dana Claxton. As Bell writes, Claxton’s practice “queries and disturbs the mainstream settler-colonial discourse that conceals, erases or barely mentions the dispossession and oppression of Indigenous Plains Nations.” Her work is also critically steeped in the crisp and coercive strategies of modern visual culture, from cinema to advertisements. This bonus portfolio of recent works draws together these two aspects, revealing Claxton’s ongoing drive to reinterpret and re-imagine the past and the present.

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